Are you ready for
an amazing adventure?

Explore with us your dream journey at sea and discover the depths of your mind… Our passion is sailing, living in harmony with nature and helping people realise their full potential.

We’d love to welcome you on board to enjoy a relaxing and fulfilling sailing vacation with us!

This adventure is a combination of sailing around the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea while having some life-changing coaching sessions. You will see the most beautiful, tranquil beaches, new islands and colourful small villages. More importantly, you will get deep insights to become a new happier version of yourself.

We offer
Online Life Coaching

If you can’t join us on the seas we still can go on a journey together since we provide online coaching according to your needs. During these coaching sessions, we will help you find out what’s holding you back from being that person you know you can be. You’ll find out where your opportunities lie and where in your life there’s a need for a change or acceptance.

Life Coaching

Online Life Coaching is the perfect way for you to gain new insights into the way you are living your current life.

Life Coaching
Sailing Trips

This is the perfect adventure for you if you like to relax on the sea while taking a deep look into the life that you’re currently living.

Sailing holiday in the Caribbean

If you like to have the trip of your lifetime, calm your mind and have lots of excitement, come sail with us in the Caribbean!

‘A new fresh wind is waiting
to be invited into your life’.

Special offer for students!
Widen your horizon and
explore more of the world!

Are you a student and looking for a different life experience?
You want to explore more of the world, open your eyes for different cultures, meet new people and broaden your own horizon. Come and join us for a longer period of time and dive into this unique sailing journey & different life experience. You will have the space and time to explore, discover and connect and you will have a safe and loving home-base to live.


Price: special discount for students

Are you curious or do you have some questions, please get in touch! We’re open to your dreams and wishes, share with us what you are looking for and together we make it possible.


You need some time for yourself, to be away for a while, to break out of the daily stress and routine and find joy in your life again. Immerse yourself in this new and wonderful journey of reconnecting with your heart and inner joy and feel reborn. We will guide you and offer you the space and the time to unwind completely.

(Minimum 14 days. Dates, place, the length of your stay and prices will be discussed with you)


Sailing, life on board

Everybody gets up whenever he or she wants and prepares his own breakfast. You like to have eggs in the morning, no problem, you want to taste Gi’s famous French toast, He is glad to prepare some for you. You want to jump in the sea at 5am, don’t wait for us, just go! The rest of the day we plan together. You want to go visit some place, you want to sail to a a beautiful bay, you want to explore an uninhabited island, snorkel for a couple of hours, go play on the beach,… everything is possible. Mostly we sail a couple of hours per day to our next beautiful spot. At noon Lien prepares one of her famous salad buffets and in the evening she normally prepares a wonderful vegetarian meal on board. You want to go to that special bar in the evening or out eating, we will bring you. Have a hike together, going for a fast fun drive in the dinghy, make a tour on the paddleboard, discover a local village, enjoy the sunset and the stars,… again: everything is possible.

In general we will sail each day for a couple of hours from one beautiful spot to another. If you like to stay longer at the same place or you like to sail the entire day or you like to have a lot of time just relaxing on a beach or you love hiking and want to explore the inland … everything is possible as long as the weather allows it. Tell us what you want, together we will make this trip an unforgettable experience!

We sail from one beautiful bay to another. Each night we drop our anchor at a tranquil and calm place which we choose together. Sometimes we are close to a small village, which you can explore, sometimes we are in the middle of nature, enjoying the silence and beauty. We’re almost never in a harbour.

We have a powerful dinghy with which we can bring you ashore in a fast and save way and whenever you like. Just call us (phone or walkietalkie) and we come and pick you up again.


Lien and Gi can handle the boat with the 2 of them in any kind of weather. If you like to help out with the sailing, you’re welcome. We are ready to share our experience we build up in the many years we are living on the boat (since 2012). If you want you can try sailing and even handle the boat completely on your own. Gi will be your backup so nothing can go wrong.


Off course! You can go together with Lien to the supermarket, buy the ingredients you like or you can be creative with the things we have on board and prepare your own floating dinner. We help out if you like and even do the dishes!

Everything is possible if the weather allows it and if we have the time to do it.

Normally we change bays every day but if you like to stay longer at one spot that’s an option as well.

We don’t have a fixed planning. You are the ones that choose where and when we go and which places we visit. We check if it is possible according to the wind, time, weather conditions.

Normally the wind in the Caribbean is quite constant. We are sailing in the Caribbean Sea since beginning 2015 and never had that much wind that is was impossible to sail. It can happen, nature does her own thing, but then we will find other nice things to do!

We live on the boat and sail it since end 2012. Gi is a certified captain (Master Unlimited) and already had a lot of experience before. By now we are very good at assessing the circumstances which makes the sailing very safe. Off course we have life jackets, a safety raft and other safety equipment on board. We never take any risk when it is about your safety, never.

Some people get seasick, others don’t. Some captains get seasick every trip and some people who have no experience at all on boats don’t get seasick. Nowadays there are a lot of good pills against seasickness. Also we can adapt the trip and the number of sailing hours to what you are capable of and we do have a couple of natural tricks against seasickness. In any case we will make the trip totally enjoyable for you. If you tend to get sick in a car than chances are you will also get seasick. Bring the meds that work best for you.

Please don’t bring to much!!

We provide towels and bed linen. If you like a very big towel for the beach then bring it.

We would like to ask you to travel light! You don’t need a lot over here in the Caribbean. The weather is mostly sunny and hot. You just need some light clothes, bathing suits, mask and snorkel, flippers, sunscreen (preferably one that is good for the environment and without perfume). If you bring shampoo, shower gel, … please think about the sea and try to bring natural products. Pack all you belongings in a preferably soft bag which you can easily fold when it’s empty.

Are you up for a once in a lifetime, transformative journey
surrounded by sapphire seas?