We are the captains
on your unforgettable journey…

Welcome aboard, we are Lien and Gi! We are in love with life and each other. In 2012 we decided to go for what we really wanted: exploring the world and connecting with people. Our journey started in the Mediterranean and since 2015
we have been sailing in the Caribbean. We enjoy meeting new people and would love to share our passion with you.



It is my nature to make you feel at home, whether that’s on the sailing trip or during a coaching session. I’m a very easy, joyful and warm person and very good at making people feel comfortable and at ease. I love preparing delicious vegetarian meals and being creative with fruit and vegetables I find in the local markets. I always see the world with a positive mindset.

As a coach I’m very good at taking people out of their mind to a deeper level. I see the beauty and pureness in everyone. My talent is my curiosity, my openness and my peaceful and joyful presence. My passion is to guide you to become more aware of yourself and to help you find your passion, your heart and to go for your dreams.

I have more than 8 years of experience as a personal growth and life coach. I am a certified Life Coach and have done many other courses concerning personal growth. My coaching is a combination of life experience, intuition and deep knowing.



I enjoy being the captain. I’m someone you can count on in any situation and the person who gives you an instant peace of mind by giving you the exact words. I can sail Lazuli by myself but I am always open to people who love to help out and would love to learn more about sailing.

As a coach I am good at asking the right questions which guide you straight to the core of the difficulties you are facing at the moment. This will allow you to open up to a new dimension of yourself. It might feel as a real challenge sometimes, but together with Lien we create a safe and supportive environment where you feel at ease. In the end you will love all these new insights. You will feel joyfully alive and ready to go for the life you always dreamed about.

I have a Master Unlimited diploma for pleasure crafts and am a certified therapist and have done many courses in personal growth. 

Life Coaching

Online Life Coaching is the perfect way for you to gain new insights into the way you are living your current life.

Life Coaching
Sailing Trips

This is the perfect adventure for you if you like to relax on the sea while taking a deep look into the life that you’re currently living.

Sailing holiday in the Caribbean

If you like to have the trip of your lifetime, calm your mind and have lots of excitement, come sail with us in the Caribbean!



Lazuli is a catamaran, a boat with two hulls, that are separated by the living/kitchen space. One hull can sleep up to five people, mostly perfect for a family. You will have the whole hulll to yourself. Lien and Gi sleep in the other hull. Every hull has his own bathroom with toilet, sink and shower. If there are more than five guests, two can sleep in Lien and Gi’s hull.

If you book with us, normally you are the only guests on board. If not we will tell you before you book, so you can decide.

If you book for a sailing/coaching course it will be a group experience.

You would like to try local food in a nice, cosy restaurant and enjoy the atmosphere on land Just the two of you. You would like to explore an uninhabited island, just you, your partner and nature. No problem, we bring you with the dinghy whenever and wherever you want and you can call us via the walkie-talkie to pick you up again.

We always have room for singles. For economical reasons most probably there will be other guests on board.

Are you ready for a unique and life changing experience of sailing and personal growth? Join us on a surprising and fulfilling adventure that widens your horizon and gives your life an unexpected and beautiful turn.