Welcome on board!

We combine a life-changing experience
with a revitalising sailing trip.

This is the perfect adventure for you if you like to relax while taking a deep look into the life that you’re currently living.

Welcome on board!

We combine a life-changing experience
with a revitalising sailing trip.

This is the perfect adventure for you if you like to relax while taking a deep look into the life that you’re currently living.

Explore, play, sail, shine!

Sailing across the Caribbean you will discover the most beautiful islands and tranquil beaches and at the same time explore yourself in a joyful way. You will come to new insights, see yourself in a new light, with a new and fresh perspective. Sailing is relaxing, very close to nature, the Caribbean is warm, colourful and inviting. This unique meditative journey will make you shine and bring out your most beautiful glow.

So many wishes, so many possibilities!

Plenty of opportunities to relax
We have an open and flexible agenda. You will have plenty of time to relax, enjoy the beach or explore the colourful villages. We create this trip together, every day we decide with the entire group how the day will look like. We’d love to hear your input and make this journey into a joyful and fulfilling experience you’ll never forget.

Group and individual sessions
We have daily coaching sessions. This can be group sessions, one on one sessions, meditation, playful & creative exercises, being in silence and much more. During this sessions we’re going to fine tune your dream, whatever your dream is. A healthy body, a completely relaxed mind, living in abundance, finding your soulmate, living the life you always wanted, …
With the support of the group you will move your boundaries, dare to do things you’re afraid off, feel stronger and more confident.
And most of all… we’re going to have fun! We will dance, play, cry, scream and feel alive!

Swim, snorkel and explore the Caribbean.
While sailing from one beautiful spot to another, you will sense the pureness of nature and see her amazing beauty. You will have a lot of time to swim or snorkel in the clear blue waters of the Caribbean. Discovering this magical underwater world with colourful fish, different kinds of coral, sea turtles, eagle rays, stingrays, dolphins and maybe even whales. Such lovely encounters are moments you will always keep in your heart.


Sharing, connecting and feeling at home.
We enjoy an open and pure communication. In group sharing moments everyone can share openly his or her thoughts, express emotions and what’s going on inside. We create a supporting, joyful and loving environment where you feel at home, can be your unique self and follow your heart & intuition.

An exciting combination of adventure, laughter and
personal growth. This sailing vacation in the Caribbean is
the perfect gift to yourself.

The Lazuli life coaching
sailing trip in the Caribbean

Imagine yourself waking up in the morning and jumping into the clear blue water. Feeling the wind in your face while sailing. Having some life changing coaching sessions together with like minded people. Visiting new beautiful places you only can reach by boat. Swimming, snorkelling and enjoying the sun. Watching the sunset while having a healthy, fresh, homemade vegetarian meal and having a refreshing glass of wine. Being rocked asleep by the meditational waves of the Caribbean and seeing a thousands stars shining in the clear sky.

A playful and loving sailing adventure for families.

Join us on for a wonderful and surprising experience with your family. Sailing and connecting. Unwinding completely while enjoying being together with your loved ones. You will grow closer to each other and feel more connected as a family, each one in his or her unique way of being.

The life coaching moments will be joyful and playful adapted to the age of your kids. We will have joyful exercises, sharing moments, little creative tasks. You will still have a lot of time to relax, play, explore, enjoy those things you would like to do and to spend time just with your family. There is no strict schedule nor planning, we all decide together and make this trip into an unforgettable and wonderful journey for you and your loved ones.

Of course we also offer family sailing trips without coaching.

After this experience, you will be a
different human being with a brand new
perspective on yourself.

Why choose us?

The rhythm of this sailing trip in the Caribbean and living so close to nature, makes you slow down and gives you time to breath and relax your mind. It is the perfect environment to widen your horizon and to see what you really want in life. We guarantee you that you will return home feeling joyfully alive, completely relaxed, ready to live your life to the fullest and to go for your dream.


Sports, relaxing, fun, …

Beautiful beaches, white sand, palm trees, the sun, the sea,… that’s what we’re here for right? A towel, a book, playing with a ball, relaxing in the water, enjoying the waves… just like heaven. You can swim to the beach, you can take our paddle board or we bring you with the dinghy! Just ask and we come and pick you up again. Unless you want to swim back off course!

Lien and Gi can handle the boat with the 2 of them in any kind of weather. If you like to help out with the sailing, you’re welcome. We are ready to share our experience we build up in the many years we are living on the boat (since 2012). If you want you can try sailing and even handle the boat completely on your own. Gi will be your backup so nothing can go wrong.

We can charge any device that has a USB port or opperates on 100 up to 220 volts ac 50/60hz.

Off course! You can go together with Lien to the supermarket, buy the ingredients you like or you can be creative with the things we have on board and prepare your own floating dinner. We help out if you like and even do the dishes!

Minimum stay: 5 days
Number of persons: 2 – 7
Price around 180€ per person per day ALL INCLUSIVE (see FAQ),
depending on the number of persons and the length of your stay.