Our Unique sailing trips
with a personal touch

Explore with us your dream journey at sea and discover the depths of your mind… 
Our passion is sailing, living in harmony with nature and helping people realise their full potential.


Join us on this unique adventure and learn how to attract your soulmate. You will discover how you can bring your ideal partner into your life and how to live an easy and beautiful life together.

(8 days) Exact date and place to be determined soon.

During this sailing and coaching trip you’ll learn how the law of attraction works and that it’s possible to bring your ideal partner into your life. Our coaching sessions, the joyful exercises, sharing moments, little creative tasks, … will get you out of your mind and bring you back in touch with your heart and passion. You will discover that you really can go for your number one, that you deserve to be together with your soulmate and that you can have an easy, fulfilling and beautiful life together filled with passion and joy.

When you return back home you will feel confident, joyfully alive and ready for your new adventure with your soulmate.


Discover the magic and power of being vulnerable while sailing around in paradise and being surrounded by nature’s finest beauty. During this fulfilling and joyful sailing and coaching trip you discover that being vulnerable is a wonderful gift to yourself.

(8 days) Exact date and place to be determined soon.

Our specific coaching sessions, joyful exercises, guided meditations and playful games will guide you to your inner trust. You will experience that it feels safe to share your feelings and your thoughts. You learn how to become more aware of what’s going on inside you, how to communicate gently and yet clearly and how to set your boundaries.

Being vulnerable is being very honest with yourself and allowing yourself to feel or think as you are feeling or thinking in that moment. You feel more relaxed because you don’t have to hide anymore or pretend to be someone else. You can just be you, which is a perfect, beautiful and wise human being.


Join us for this lovely sailing and coaching adventure and learn how you can turn your life into a joyful and fulfilling journey. You discover who you really are, you get in touch with your dream(s), passion, your inner wisdom and beauty. You will feel peaceful, relaxed and joyfully alive.

(8 days) Exact date and place to be determined soon.

During the coaching sessions, joyful exercises, sharing moments, little creative tasks, … you will discover the difference between your conditioned mind and who you really are. You learn how to relax your mind completely, how to focus on your inner body and feel the joyful aliveness inside you. You will know how to follow your inner wisdom and heart and you will dare to go for those things that make you feel happy and fulfilled. You will be a different person: new, fresh and alive knowing how to live a joyful and deliberated life.


Following your heart and going for your dream. We love to guide you on this beautiful sailing and coaching journey and make your dream come true.

(8 days) Exact date and place to be determined soon.

During this sailing journey we’re going to fine tune your dream, whatever your dream is. A healthy body, a completely relaxed mind, living in abundance, finding your soulmate, living the life you always wanted, …

With the support of the group you will move your boundaries, dare to do things you’re afraid off, feel stronger and more confident.

Price of our unique sailing trips:

Price per person for the 8 days ALL INCLUSIVE: 
Number of people: 2 – 6

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You need some time for yourself, to be away for a while, to break out of the daily stress and routine and find joy in your life again. Immerse yourself in this new and wonderful journey of reconnecting with your heart and inner joy and feel reborn. We will guide you and offer you the space and the time to unwind completely.

(Minimum 14 days. Dates, place, the length of your stay and prices will be discussed with you)

When you’re joining us for this wonderful me-time retreat, you will experience the daily life on a sailing boat. We will sail around from one tranquil spot to another. Sometimes we will stay for a longer period of time at the same place. Time to explore, relax and enjoy nature at its fullest. Sometimes we will be in nature, sometimes close to a small village. We’ll go with the flow and every day is like a new surprise and adventure in itself. The slow rhythm of sailing, living in harmony with nature makes you slow down and gives you time to breath and relax your mind. It is the perfect environment to widen your horizon, explore new opportunities, unwind completely and find out what you really want in life. Our intuitive coaching, joyful exercises, creative tasks and guided meditations will guide you to your inner trust and wisdom. You become more aware of yourself and you will know how to integrate the things you’ve discovered into your daily life. Your life will be more easy, fulfilling and joyful. We guarantee you that you will return home feeling joyfully alive, completely relaxed, ready to live your life to the fullest and to go for your dream.